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Geothermal Stocks

Geothermal energy

Geothermal Stocks

Calpine Corporation (CPN) is a North American power company engaged in the development, construction, ownership and operation of power generation facilities and the sale of electricity predominantly in the United States, as well as in Canada and the United Kingdom. The Company focuses on two types of power generation technologies, natural gas-fired combustion turbine and geothermal. As of December 31, 2003, it owned over 800 billion cubic feet equivalent of net proved natural gas reserves located in Alberta, Canada, as well as in the Sacramento Basin, Rockies and Gulf Coast regions of the United States. In addition, the Company owns a 25% interest in Calpine Natural Gas Trust. Calpine is capable of producing 215 million cubic feet equivalent of natural gas per day.

Nevada Geothermal Power, Inc. (NGP) (TSX Venture, NGLPF: OTCBB) - "Focused on the development of geothermal power projects in Western U.S.A."
Clean, Efficient, Renewable Energy.

Ormat Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ORA) engages in the design, development, building, ownership, and operation of geothermal power plants and recovered energy-based power plants.

Sierra Geothermal Power Corp (TSX.V: SRA) – Sierra Geothermal is committed to the responsible and economic development of sustainable alternative energy projects with a clear focus on geothermal power production. Sierra Geothermal can earn a 50% interest in the Pumpernickel Geothermal Power Project from Nevada Geothermal Power Inc where hot springs, with surface temperatures near the boiling point, overlie a large geothermal reservoir. The focus of ongoing exploration at Pumpernickel is to define the limits of a reservoir capable of sustaining a 20 - 30 megawatts plant (capable of supplying energy to 30,000 homes). In addition, Sierra Geothermal is currently performing due diligence on other acquisitions.

US Geothermal (OTCBB: UGTH, TSX.V: GTH) US Geothermal is a renewable energy development company that is in the process of developing a geothermal power project at Raft River, Idaho. The Company possesses three Power Purchase Agreements with the Idaho Power Company for the production of 30 MW of electricity at Raft River. Construction of the Phase One power plant is planned in 2005 and power production is planned for 2006. On the basis of a report prepared by Company's independent consultant, GeothermEx Inc., of Richmond California, the Company believes that Raft River's energy reservoir is scalable to produce an estimated 90 MW of power from 6.5 square miles (16.8 square kilometres) of lands owned or leased by the Company. Adjacent to the existing electrical transmission grid and surrounded by modern infrastructure, Raft River is ideally located to make an important contribution to the power needs of the rapidly growing Pacific Northwest for decades to come.

Western GeoPower Corp. (TSX: WGP.V) is engaged in the development of a geothermal power generating facility for electricity.

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