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Toyota Auris 2011

Toyota Motor Manufacturing held a line-off ceremony as production of the Auris Hybrid kicked off in the UK. Toyota plans to produce 30,000 Auris Hybrids annually, making it the first European-made, mass-produced hybrid ever. Sales of the Auris Hybrid will begin on July 1st and Toyota anticipates that the vehicle will be sold in 32 countries throughout Europe. .Toyota Auris 2011

The Auris Hybrid will start at a base price of $27,000 (that's U.S. at the current exchange rate) and top out at $29,600. If you're wondering what an Auris hybrid is, imagine a Toyota Corolla packed with a Prius powertrain. Since the Auris utilizes the same Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain found in the latest Prius, the Auris Hybrid can run on battery power alone for up to 1.2 miles, although its battery-only speed is limited to just 30 miles per hour. In addition, the Auris Hybrid manages 61.9 miles per gallon (U.S.) on the European driving cycle while emitting just 89 grams per kilometer of CO2. Though the Auris is only available in Europe, we can't help but wonder if its less conspicuous packaging would help to further Toyota's hybrid dominance here in the U.S

IN THE NEWS - Purolator

Purolator to take delivery of 115 Azure hybrid electric vehicles
Canada’s largest courier first to deliver cleaner air with new environmentally friendly fleet

Purolator Courier Ltd., Canada’s largest courier company, today signed an order for 115 new hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) for its curb-side delivery fleet from Azure Dynamics Corporation (TSX-AZD & LSE-ADC).Hybrid Car Schematic

After analyzing the environmental impacts of its operations and services, Purolator identified fleet fuel usage and vehicle air emissions as the best way to reduce its environmental footprint. The commitment to order 115 HEVs comes just four months after introducing HEVs to Purolator’s fleet through a controlled rollout out of the diesel series hybrid delivery vans into daily service. Purolator has already accumulated more than 20,000 km's of in-service mileage with the curb-side delivery vans. The additional HEVs will be integrated into Purolator’s fleet in major metropolitan areas in Canada. Deliveries of the first vehicles will begin in 2006.

“Given commercial realities, Purolator is committed to doing what it can to have a positive impact on the environment. Maintaining our delivery standards to our customers is very important to us, so we are very pleased that the technology is performing at the high specifications that we established at the outset. The performance gives us the required confidence to embark on the next phase of fleet replacement with Azure’s hybrid electric vehicle technology,” said Robert Johnson, President and CEO of Purolator.

The HEVs demonstrate Purolator’s commitment to being a responsible corporation that protects and preserves the environment by reducing the impact of its operations and services. Pre-production testing has shown that the HEVs are capable of eliminating up to 50 per cent of greenhouse gasses currently emitted with conventional gasoline/diesel delivery vehicles as well as significant reductions in fossil fuel emissions. If the experience of these vehicles continues to live up to expectations, then as Purolator replenishes its fleet each year – the company intends to add up to 400 HEV vehicles to its fleet annually.

“The 115 hybrid electric vehicle order is the largest of its kind in the delivery industry. We are proud to be associated with Purolator and believe their bold leadership will be instrumental in changing the way the industry does business. Azure will continue to achieve and exceed the performance standards necessary for Purolator and others to make such ground breaking orders,” said Campbell Deacon, CEO of Azure Dynamics.

HEVs are best used in fleets whose driving cycles are constant stop and go. Energy is regenerated through braking and stored in the battery for driving. Purolator’s HEVs are equipped with a hybrid series configuration, which uses the internal combustion engine combined with a generator to supply electricity for the battery pack and electric motor. There is no mechanical connection between the internal combustion engine power unit and the wheels. All motive power is transferred electrically to one or more electric traction motors that drive the wheels.

Oshkosh Hybrid Truck - The HEMTT A3

Oshkosh have produced an impressive Hybrid Truck and although this truck is focussed on military applications, it is just as useful in humanitarian and e.g. U.N. aid programs.
The technology used is a precursor for what to expect in commercial heavy truck applications..Hybrid Car Schematic

The HEMTT A3 (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) is according an Oshkosh press release the first production-ready, tactical military truck powered by an energy efficient diesel-electric drive system, called ProPulse®, that can increase fuel efficiency by 20 percent or more, depending on mission profile.

The HEMTT A3 is a heavy-payload, up to 13 tons, truck and is equipped with heavy-duty TAK-4® independent suspension that keeps the wheels on the ground, even in extremely rugged terrain, and combined with direct-drive, electrically driven wheels, can provide torque where it is most needed. The HEMTT A3 has height-adjustable suspension, which facilitates self-unloading of supplies.

The truck has the ability to do double duty as a 200-kilowatt generator, has onboard diagnostics for simplified in-the-field troubleshooting and maintenance. Features a power pack - its engine/generator and charging system - that can be removed and replaced in30 minutes or less, greatly reducing down time and simplifying in-field maintenance of major components.

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